Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the Convict Trail?

Yes you can.  If you are in a group, you are encouraged to make contact with the Convict Trail Project office as various tools can be provided included guides, activities, itineraries to suit your group and much more.  If you are on your own or with a few people, there are many sections you can see from the comfort of your car and many walks you can partake in.  Click here to be taken to our ‘visit’ section of the website to discover where you can see various assets of the road.  Also if you have an iPhone, go to the iTunes store and download the Convict Trail Audio app which covers the Bucketty to Wollombi section, and the Convict Road which was done in partnership with the National Parks and Wildlife Service and covers the World Heritage Listed section of the Convict Trail.  Both these apps are free.

Can I find out if I had relatives as Convicts that may have worked on the road?

We have hundreds of records of Convicts that did work on the road and yes you can see if you can find one that it is related to you through our Convict Database search. (Insert link to this section of the website).  However as we don’t have all records, our partner maybe able to assist you further. For more information see the link in the side bar on this page.

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