Great North Road Map from Cartoscope Maps

Written by: Project Director   On: 11th Mar, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the new map for the Great North Road produced by Cartoscope maps will be available in all Visitor Information Centres from today.

The map contains a QR code feature which is a first of a kind. This allows users to connect to place relevant video content on the Great North Road’s website, which assists in telling the story of the history of the sites.

"We would like to thank the department of environment for their support for this project and for the hard work by Cartoscope maps to get it to our potential visitors", says Lori Modde CEO of the Convict Trail Project.

Below: Gregory Andrews, Department of Environment Canberra, and Lea Turner, Marketing Manager Cartoscope Maps and Guides


Below: Redcoat Sgt at Arms, Gregory Andrews, Mayor Bob Pynsent (Cessnock), Farmer from Convict Settlement, Lori Modde (CEO Convict Trail Project).