The Executive comprises the Chairman Mr Paul Budde, Mrs Elizabeth Roberts and Ms Mari Metzke.

The Executive oversees the work of the Executive Director and the strategic direction, actions and financial operation of the Project.

Day-to-day Management

The day-to-day management of the Convict Trail Project is the responsibility of the Executive Director. The work of the Executive Director is guided by the objectives of the Convict Trail Project as stated in the rules and by the availability of grant funding for special projects in the 2015 strategic plan. The Executive Director reports regularly to the Executive who correspond by email and meet as required.


• Board members receive regular reports from the Executive Officer
• A newsletter is published every month and distributed electronically to all members

Annual Meeting

An Annual Meeting is held late each year (usually November or early December) to present a summary of the activities and achievements of the year. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings as observers, and to provide input. Meetings are hosted by participating councils on a rotating basis.