Introducing The Pick.

The Pick is a Journal publication of the Great North Road produced by the Convict Trail Project. Released in themed Volumes, the articles cover a range of topics that shed light on the history and experiences of people associated with the Great North Road.

The Volumes include:

  1. Winners, Losers and Also-rans
  2. Settlements and Villages
  3. The People of the Great North Road
  4. The Road, the Road Builders and its Neighbours
  5. Surviving the Great North Road
  6. Scandals, Crime and Corruption along the Great North Road
  7. Ferries and Punts
  8. The Women of the Great North Road
  9. Evidence

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Copyright Convict Trail Project Inc: All material printed in the volumes of the pick and its related volumes are copyright to the Convict Trail Project Inc and cannot be reproduced in part or full without the permissions of the Organisation.

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