Ferries and Punts

7.0 Report on 1827 Ferry Crossing and bottom end of Finch's Track

This article discusses the research conducted to find where the original Ferry crossing exists at Wisemans Ferry, which was said to be at the base of Finchs line of track. The article reveals what the research found and includes pictures taken at the site.

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7.01 Wisemans Ferry and the Ferry at Wisemans Ferry

This article explains the history of Wisemans Ferry in becoming a link in the route from Sydney to Newcastle. It discusses some of the key people, such as Solomon Wiseman, who oversaw the Ferry in its early days. It also highlights some of the dangers and accidents associated with the Ferry at that time. It is a detailed article that provides great insight into the history of the oldest continuing ferry service in NSW.

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7.02 Proclamation

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7.03 Punt Accident

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7.04 Local business man and Ferry Contractor David Cross

This article is about David Cross, who was the lessee of the ferry at Wisemans Ferry on and off for ten to fifteen years between 1837 and 1855. Cross was a local entrepreneur who purchased a mill, and received a licence for the Queen Victoria Inn at Wisemans Ferry. In 1846 he was described as a butcher, and faced accusations of butchering John Fergusons beast. He later faced tragedy when his son drowned off Pittwater.

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7.05 Wisemans Ferry ferry at a glance

This is extracted from newspapers via NLA newspaper searches searching Wisemans Ferry and punt.

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7.06 Bedlam Ferry

Bedlam Ferry was an additional ferry that crossed the Parramatta River from Abbotsford Pont to Bedlam Point. It commenced in 1832 and was operated until it was superseded by the Gladesville Bridge in 1881. This article describes the setting, operations and use of the Bedlam Ferry.

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7.07 Wisemans Ferry Public Wharf

There is little research regarding the Public Wharf at Wiseman Ferry, but it Is known that one existed there in 1867 called the Oaktree Wharf, but was destroyed by a flood that same year. In 1886 a petition was sent to government requesting a public ferry for Wisemans Ferry. This was granted but the constructed wharf soon collapsed. The article also discusses maintenance works as recent as 2010.

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7.08 Shepherds Gully Road

This article details the history of the Shepherds Gully Road, which provided the main road access to Sydney for residents of the MacDonald Valley before the building of Settlers Road. In 1991 an archaeological survey of the roads in Shepherds Gully was conducted.

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7.09 MacDonald River Ferries Book's and Whalan's

This article discusses the Ferry most commonly referred to as Book’s Ferry that crossed the MacDonald, and Whalan’s Ferry, a few hundred metres upstream. It provides a background and history to these ferries, as well as some of the accidents and damages faced.

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