The Women of the Great North Road

8.10 Frances Nixon nee Roach

Frances Roach was one of the emigrants who arrived in the colony to address the shortage of women. She soon gained employment as a nursemaid .She later married Thomas Nixon, and in 1839 they had a son. It is unknown how Thomas made a living for the family, but some of their descendants include some high profile personalities.

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8.11 Molly Morgan, Who was she?

Molly Morgan is heavily associated with the beginnings of Maitland and as the Great North Road passed down the middle of Maitland, Molly Morgan is one of the women associated with the Great North Road. This article recalls her story.

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8.12 Black Bombazine, Blue Gurrah and Cambric

This article is about clothing materials of the early 19th century that were advertised as available by merchants in the newspapers of the day. It explains the materials, their uses and the common styles of the time.

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8.13 Rape

This article briefly explores the views on rape at the time and provides some examples of how rape was dealt with in the colony.

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8.14 The Modern Women of the Great North Road

This article provides autobiographical responses from some of the modern women who have been associated with the Great North Road, including Joan Robinson, Grace Karskens, Lorraine Banks, Siobhan Lavelle, Elizabeth Roberts and Sarah Brookes.

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8.15 Buttons

This brief article describes the types of buttons used by different people such as orphans, military and convicts.

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